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Bike Trail Death: Richmond Seeks Killer

You are currently viewing Bike Trail Death: Richmond Seeks Killer
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Richmond; A woman was found dead on the side of a bike trail in the cities East End early Tuesday morning.

Police responded to a call from another bike rider who had discovered the body on their daily morning routine. Police are responding to inspect the situation to find the woman’s body located just off of the trail.

Upon investigation, the police identified the cause of death as blunt force trauma to the head.

County police are now on the lookout for potential suspects and have considered the death ruled as murder.

Bike Trail Homicides Increase

As people continue to find ways to promote positive well-being during COVID-19, others are looking for the opposite. With many staying indoors, the high-traffic public areas have been subject to increasing attacks.

As the populace is low in major areas, walkers and bikers are more vulnerable to attacks.

Many major cities have also reported the increase in number of attacks and caution citizens to be careful when venturing out at night or even in some places during the daytime.

This isn’t to say that crime has gone up. In fact, it has drastically gone down. In Los Angeles, shootings have reached a 30-year low, which prompts many to believe that staying indoors may be a sign of progressive times.

For many locals, going for nature walks, or riding their bikes is a safe way to be outside without the consequences of contracting COVID-19. For others, it is an opportunity for crime.

Although the statistics might be in favor of safety, this does not mean that everyone is safe. As Richmond investigators have found that multiple attacks are reporting along what used to be heavily popular areas.

Richmond police are searching for potential suspects. If anyone has any information regarding the case, the state highly recommends calling the station with any regard to information.

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