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DMV is Recognizing Jurisdictions for Reporting Zero Traffic Fatalities

You are currently viewing DMV is Recognizing Jurisdictions for Reporting Zero Traffic Fatalities
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The DMV in a Southwestern state is honoring several jurisdictions that are reporting no traffic deaths in 2019 and 2020. This state in the Southwest does participate in the national Toward Zero Deaths initiative. It combines engineering, enforcement, education, and EMS professionals that work together toward the goal of eliminating all traffic fatalities.

DMV: More Funding and Improvements Benefit Virginia as a Whole

“This unified approach in Virginia also includes Governor [Ralph] Northam’s Executive Leadership Team on Highway Safety. There is a prominent increase in highway safety funding. As well as a transition to more effective systemic improvements,” said Secretary of Transportation Shannon Valentine.

“Moreover, because of our commitment and the dedication of communities across the Commonwealth, I truly believe this milestone is and will go on to become very achievable.”

Public Perception is Key

If there is a recognition, the DMV says, for achieving zero traffic fatalities that is part of an effort to change the public perception of that. In fact, fatalities are just really unavoidable.

DMV: Commitment to Traffic Safety

“In fact, these jurisdictions have shown us that zero is not out of the realm of possibilities, and I am really proud to recognize them for their dedication to traffic safety,” said DMV Commissioner Richard D. Holcomb. He is the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative.

Milestones and Achievement for Local Counties in Richmond, Virginia

The jurisdictions that have reported zero traffic fatalities in 2019 were many local counties in Richmond, Virginia.

The ones that hit this mark in 2020 include Colonial Heights in Virginia.

The release says several jurisdictions were able to hit the zero traffic fatalities mark in both 2019 and 2020, including various counties in Richmond, Virginia.

Also, there are some jurisdictions that have reached this goal for at least five ongoing years also in local counties in Virginia.

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