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Ex- ‘American Idol’ Contestant Sentenced to Prison

You are currently viewing Ex- ‘American Idol’ Contestant Sentenced to Prison
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RICHMOND, VA – Past ‘American Idol’ contestant and reality television personality, Antonella Barba gets close to four years in prison for possessing almost 2 pounds (0.9 kilograms) of fentanyl.

The information stems from a statement issued by federal officials in Virginia on Thursday.

Barba, the 32-year-old woman who is originally from New Jersey received a total of three years and nine months in federal prison. Importantly, it should be noted that she pleaded guilty to the charges back in July. Nevertheless, Barba is convicted of holding with intent to distribute more than 400 grams of fentanyl.

Apart from this, fentanyl is a synthetic drug and is classified as an opioid. In fact, the drug can be much stronger and more deadly than heroin.

Additionally, aside from “American Idol,” the ex-reality television star appeared on “Fear Factor” as well.

Furthermore, the investigation that led to Barba’s arrest was prompted by an attempt to deliver. According to authorities, they heard there was going to be a huge delivery in Norfolk containing a large amount of fentanyl.

As a result, police watched and waited outside a stash house until they arrested Barba. The former Idol contestant had arrived from Los Angeles earlier that day.

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