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Food Banks and Feed More Team up to Increase Food Access

You are currently viewing Food Banks and Feed More Team up to Increase Food Access
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Food banks are increasing their mobile food pantries through Feed More. Moreover, this is going to allow many people without access to transportation not to go hungry. 2020 was a difficult year for many people. In fact, due to the pandemic, several hourly workers have had their hours cut. Moreover, people have been furloughed. While others have lost their jobs altogether. In fact, this has left several people wondering where their next meal would, in fact, could come from.

People in Need

Feed More has faced yet another issue. This is people not being able to get to their local food pantries. Or their food banks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, they decided to bring good, nutritious edibles to people in their communities.

Kate Mandes, from the Federation of Virginia Food Banks, was interviewed about the need for comestibles at local comestibles pantries.

Virginians Suffering from Food Insecurity

“We saw a huge spike in need last March and April,” Mandes said. “In fact, we are still seeing about an 11% increase in need across the state. Therefore, we have almost 1 million Virginians that do not know where their next meal is coming from.”

Feed More Offers Lots of Food Choices

Therefore, Feed More does go to neighborhoods with a truck filled with varied kinds of edibles. The organization distributes many boxes, in fact, one is our we care box. That box is filled with shelf-stable edible items. In fact, it is enough to feed a family for five days.

Food Boxes

Filled with fresh produce, the food bank also deliveries what they call the farmer’s to families fare boxes. A special thanks goes out to the support of the community from donations including volunteers and community organizers.

“Volunteers are always needed. In fact, our volunteers are really the backbone of what we do. Therefore, how we do it,” Mandes said.

“Monetary donations are really necessary and we can always use them. In fact, the buying power of the food bank is so much greater than the buying power of the individual, we can, in fact, truly make the dollar go so much further.”

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