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JB Hunt To Make A Hydrogen Truck Fuel Solution With OneH2

You are currently viewing JB Hunt To Make A Hydrogen Truck Fuel Solution With OneH2
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When it comes to renewable energy, JB Hunt sure does know how to punch up the power. Hydrogen-fueled electric tractors are likely to undergo testing next year, per a pilot program. Navistar International manufactures the vehicles which then power up by way of fuel cubes no larger than 300 hydrogen fuel cells. The system finds itself manufactured by General Motors.

Furthermore, JB Hunt CEO John Roberts had this to say: “As we serve our customers and communities, the combination of hydrogen fuel cell technology and refueling capability will enable us to reduce emissions along with energy consumption, fulfilling our environmental sustainability commitment to our customers and the communities we serve.”

These vehicles are likely to have a range of 500 miles while refueling in 15. The fuel services will be complete by partner OneH2. Navistar has bought in return a minority ownership stake. The CEO for Navistar, Persio Lisboa, had this to add: “Hydrogen fuel cells offer great promise for heavy-duty trucks in applications requiring a higher density of energy, fast refueling and additional range.”

JB Hunt is trying hard

They plan to make their first model the International RH Series fuel cell. It will be available in the year 2024. J.B. Hunt will likely test the truck on dedicated routes at the end of 2022. New trucks are expected to have a range of over 500 miles and may be fueled with hydrogen in less than fifteen minutes.

Roberts has also said that J.B. Hunt is committing to delivering more while using much less. With a new and fully-integrated solution that offers a prime opportunity to do so. The combo of hydrogen fuel cell technology with the genius of trucking infrastructure. The combo of hydrogen fuel technology and refueling capability matters. That will enable a sizable reduction of emissions. With energy consumption fulfilling environmental sustainability commitment to their customers and look forwards to sharing their learnings from the pilot program.

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