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Kandi Leading Cost Effectiveness With The Price Tag Being $7,999

You are currently viewing Kandi Leading Cost Effectiveness With The Price Tag Being $7,999
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Kandi America had made the announcement on Tuesday that their two small, Chinese-origin electric vehicles got the clearance from EPA and the forthcoming certification.

The Federal EV Tax Credit combined with Kandi’s eligibility for the $2,000 state incentive shows an effective cost of just $7,999 as Kandir reports.

Back in September, Kandi had a major update to the website in order to include the EPA cycle numbers that were to come with a 59-mile range from the 17.7 kilowatt battery pack. The K27 may list a seven-hour charge time on 240V AC but the top speed it can reach is nothing more than 63 miles per hour.

The EPA has since given the Kandi a U.S. EPA Certificate of Conformity. This wouldbe one of some final approvals necessary to sell the model in the U.S. The certificate has given itself to the U.S. importer, SC Auto Sports.

The Four-Passenger Kandi K27 is Only 136 Inches Long.

It’s also only a foot shorter than what was the length of the Mitsubishi Mirage. That counts as the closest companion as far as gas guzzlers are concerned. As required by federal law, the Kandi K27 includes a backup camera, as well as a nine-inch touchscreen infotainment system and Bluetooth connectivity.

Kandi has a headline-busting price. To begin with, the K27 has a pricetag of $20,499 without incentives. But the company offers $3,000 off for the first 1,000 orders. This then reduces the number to damn near $17,499. Combo that with a CA incentive of $2,000 amd eligibility for the $7,500 EV tax credit will bring the vehicle to a marginalized $7,999.

It just seems like everyone is trying to get into this game of “electric vehicles.” Governor Gavin Newsom really made for fear in people.

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