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Lucid Motors Is Making An SPAC Deal That’ll Benefit Them Amazingly

You are currently viewing Lucid Motors Is Making An SPAC Deal That’ll Benefit Them Amazingly
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Lucid is doing more than one would anticipate when it come to creating a $12 billion dollar valuation. This is not long after a blank-check acquisition firm has launched themselves as a financing effort to back the transaction. Most people see that Churchill Capital IV is in the midst of deals made by electric vehicle makers. They have done their due diligence of following the crowd by comboing their special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs.)

Lucid is especially excited about this being that the investment company is trying to raise over $1 billion while selling shares. This all comes from a private investment in public equity deal. Also known as PIPE. The size of such a deal is likely to reach $1.5 billion plus. This is based on investor demand.

Such funds are in addition to the $2 billion Churchill Capital IV, which is being raised responsibly.

When and if PIPE fundraising is to conclude successfully, the deal made can be ade in a certain way that helps Lucid become more than Lucid.

Honestly? Lucid Motors is the perfect EV automaker.

They have their heads on right. And yes, they may be wet behind the ears, but truly they have some sort of understanding that they can be boosted from a $1 billion investment. They have been able to surge past 300% very easily because of their smartness when it comes to merging with an SPAC. Who else could really make much money in an IPO like they? Honestly, get Lucid Motors a dreamy surfboard because they are the Beach Boys of the Electric Vehicles game. Good Vibrations for sure.

Lucid Motors knows what they need to do to get ahead in the race for extending the range for electric vehicles. And by securing the proper backing, this extended budget will work wonders in ways they never knew possible before.

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