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Phantom Braking Haunts The Honda CR-V and The Honda Accord

You are currently viewing Phantom Braking Haunts The Honda CR-V and The Honda Accord
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Evidently, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is underway with an investigation of Honda and their emergency braking system. This problem is likely to affect beyond 1.7 million cars from the Honda brand. Some people are already noting this as Phantom Braking. The emergency braking system is acting up without any visible forewarning at all. And the NHTSA is none too pleased with about 278 complaints and counting rising up from the woodwork.

Honda Cares About It’s Image

Honda has these “collision mitigation braking systems” well-pronounced in the Honda CR-V and Honda Accord. The CR-Vs count has a higher number for reported complaints, moreso than the Accords. The problem can involve both models and implicate an estimate of 1,732,000 Hondas.

That is a lot of Hondas and would come much too quickly after what may have been some happy Honda Days.

To be clear, this is not a recall yet. The investigation is in its early stages, having begun on Monday of this week. During the early phases, NHTSA engineers request information from Honda, like complaints or injury and warranty claims.

Honda could issue a recall depending on what it finds and presents to NHTSA. But if the carmaker doesn’t, and NHTSA’s investigation determines there is a safety-related defect, then it will send Honda a recall request. 

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