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Hard Side / Lift Gate

Hard side / Lift Gate

Once you’ve decided on Enclosed Transport as your preferred method of shipping, you can then choose whether you want a Soft Side Trailer or a Hard Side Trailer. If you desire maximum protection for your vehicle, a Hard Side/Lift Gate Trailer is the way to go! Usually, this premium service is ideal for owners of luxury cars or exotic vehicles. You want to ensure your high-value vehicle is protected for the journey.

With Hard Side Shipping your vehicle is placed inside a closed container formed by metal walls, including the ceiling and roof. This offers protection not only from elements like rain or snow but also from all sorts of dust or road debris. Additionally, Hard Side Trailers come equipped with a lift gate that helps load the vehicle into the container. This lift gate is ideal if you own a low vehicle such as race cars. Using this loading method, there is no risk of scrapping the undercarriage. Sometimes, certain types of vehicles are too low for a traditional ramp. Therefore, a lift gate is required to properly load and unload these vehicles onto the truck. Even though this is our most expensive Vehicle Shipping method, we completely recommend it for exotic cars, and if you are not on a tight budget!

Enclosed Hard Side / Life Gate Shipping with Richmond Auto Transport

Richmond Auto Transport is one of the leading companies in the Vehicle Shipping industry. We deeply care about our customers and their Auto Transport needs. Besides, we know how valuable a vehicle can be. That is why we offer Enclosed Shipping services as part of our wide service offer. Our skilled drivers and carriers are experts at what they do. And, they not only know the fastest and safest routes to and from Richmond but they also have the knowledge and tools to handle any type of vehicle.

Among our most popular Enclosed shipping services, we have Soft Side and Hard Side Shipping. Both are premium services that guarantee the safety and security of your vehicle. But, if you decide to opt for our Hard Side Trailer option, your vehicle will get all the possible protection any vehicle can get while being transported. Hard Side Trailers protect the vehicle from outdoor elements and any possible dust or debris from the road. It is the safest shipping method there is. If your vehicle has special needs such as low vehicles or race cars, the liftgate may be ideal.

Additionally, our Hard Side Shipping services include our standard door-to-door deliver. We also include insurance in your quote, that way your vehicle is fully covered and protected while in transit. Not to mention, we offer Expedited Shipping services, if you can’t wait to get your vehicle to its new location. With this premium service, you won’t have to wait for a carrier and your vehicle will ship right away.

Hard Side / Lift Gate Shipping is ideal for owners of luxury cars or expensive vehicles. For example, if you are a Car Collector shipping vintage or rare vehicles from all over the country. It can also be of assistance to Dealer Trades if they specialize in sports cars or luxury vehicles. At Richmond Auto Transport, we deeply care about your shipping needs and the well-being of your valuable vehicles.

Contact us at Richmond Auto Transport and we’ll get your Hard Side Trailer shipping scheduled right away! Call in at (804) 396-2471.