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Tesla Changes Up Model S and Model X

You are currently viewing Tesla Changes Up Model S and Model X
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Tesla, the electric vehicle company, has decidedly launched two newer vehicles in what seems to be the end of a long slump for the company. They’ve been cutting costs on various models lately, due to a poor economy and even poorer leadership, no thanks to Elon Musk. However, the automaker is determined to make a difference with the “standard” range versions of vehicles with much shorter ranges and even cheaper prices.

Throughout the years, Tesla has been insistent on the hopes that the capacity of the battery will still be able to carry the average driver around town with speeds from 40 kilowatt hours to 100 kilowatt hours of capacity. Of course, new trims are offered with simply software-locking capacity found in the battery pack.

Ever since the the Model S and the Model X had been refreshed in 2021, Tesla has really only been offering the Long Range and Plaid varieties of the flagship sedan and SUV.

Tesla has themselves decided to bring on back the standard Range for each version. In regards to the Model S, the price drops by $10,000 to $78,490. In addition there’s a likelihood that about 85 miles will get lost, given that the Standard Range happens to be about 320 miles for one charger, as compared to about 405 miles in the Long Range version.

One thing to note is how the Model X is around $10,000 less, in regards to the new version. The Standard Range Model X uses about 269 miles of range, which is around 79 less than the Long Range version.

It’s yet to be seen if Tesla uses software-locking capacity within the Long Range battery pack in order for these trims to fit, or if there’s actually only a new battery being produced for them. Time could only tell, as the automaker begins deliveries, starting in September. in the United States. All according to Tesla and their online configurator. Tesla is allowing owners to undo the capacity in the future with a specific software update.

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