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Virginia paid $1M to Become Smart

You are currently viewing Virginia paid $1M to Become Smart
VDOT paid Iteris $1 million to develop cloud-based technology
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Virginia is ready for the future. A Smart State Future. A future where drivers can find parking before they arrive, where traffic congestion can be predicted, and where you can find the easiest bike path to your local Starbucks with the touch of a button. That future is here, and Virginia’s Department of Transportation (VDOT) just issued a $1 million contract to make it happen. The company that will lead them to the future is Iteris. Iteris is a company that creates smarter infrastructure for a cloud-connected world. They work in infrastructure management that far surpasses that of your typical city planner. They create sustainable and safe resources to improve mobility for all road users. But how can live data from a cloud network help people on the road? After all, aren’t we supposed to put our apps away while driving? Iteris claims they are more than just an app, they’re an entire infrastructure.

The driving force behind the company comes from their data portal. This portal will include all the information about the VDOT and more. Held inside this portal will be enough raw data to help in every possible situation. This data will be available for 3rd parties to take advantage of and create platforms that utilize the data. This means that programmers and developers could create apps for Virginians to use on the road. Businesses could incorporate this data into their existing apps to do everything from help delivery drivers plan routes to alert customers of business closures due to poor weather.

Truck Parking Management

One of the more interesting data sets that Iteris’ portal includes is Truck Parking Management. This system allows truckers to see the capacity and current number of trucks parked in VDOT truck parking locations. Any trucker knows the hassle of driving through a cramped, narrow-road city only to find that there’s no parking available at the end of their shift. This should be able to allow dispatchers and logistics officers to help create more efficient routes for their drivers. If drivers can anticipate parking, they can more easily end their day on time. The days of driving around looking for truck parking while watching the clock tick closer to overtime hours are over.

Virginia Specific Weather Data Service

Another interesting aspect of iteris’ portal is the Weather Data Service. This portal will consolidate 97 VDOT weather sensor stations. Unlike current weather apps, this will focus solely on Virginia and be able to give more precise readings because it gets to focus on only one thing. This can help everything from maintenance staff to traveler information, traffic management, and event preparations.

All in all, Iteris is helping Virginia step into the future. The company is only a consultant that offers their technology to improve infrastructure. Future development projects will surely come from Iteris’ evaluation of the state. However, those developments will utilize Iteris’ technology to improve daily life and create safer roads for all.

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