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Car Collector

Car Collector

Car collectors understand the value of their vehicles. This is why they don’t let just anyone handle them. It can be a bit complicated for a car collector to pick and choose a Vehicle Transport company they can trust to transport their classic cars. Sometimes, affordability and efficiency are not enough. After all, if you collect cars, you likely spend a lot of time and money finding and purchasing the next addition to your collection.

And, usually, the exact car you want is not located anywhere near you. Sometimes you have to buy it from a seller across the country. So, how do you manage to safely ship your new addition to your home?

There are definitely a lot of Car Shipping companies out there. But the important part is finding the one that actually has the necessary skills to take care of your auto in the best way possible. No matter what type of car it is you are shipping, you should always make sure the company you hire is able to take care of all possible models, makes, sizes, and conditions. Since car collectors deal with unique, sometimes very old or limited-edition vehicles, it is important for the carrier to know that such autos are completely irreplaceable and immensely valuable. That is when Richmond Auto Transport comes in! We fully understand how important every single one of these vehicles is to you as a car collector. And we make it a priority to take care of all your cars as if they were our own.

Richmond Auto Transport and Car Collectors

Richmond Auto Transport is one of the top leading companies in the Vehicle Transport industry. We have many years of experience under our belt and only work with the best drivers and carriers. They are knowledgeable and always come equipped with the necessary tools to handle any type of vehicle. Plus, we stand out in the industry for our excellent customer service and attention to detail. Our reviews speak for themselves! Our secret to success is to keep improving as we keep growing. We have always strived to provide affordable, efficient and expert Vehicle Shipping services. Plus, we can transport any vehicle anywhere across the 50 states. Even including Alaska and Hawaii! All those reasons make us the perfect choice for any Car Collector.

What We Offer

Besides, Richmond Auto Transport offers door-to-door as a standard service to all of our customers. It is very convenient and takes away all the hassle of having to go to a specific location to retrieve your car. We pick it up and drop it off at your door. What’s more, we also offer both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. Open can be a little more cost-efficient. But, since we understand the value of a collector’s car, we also provide the Enclosed premium service. With this option, we ship your new vehicle to you inside a closed trailer. That way it has full protection from the weather and road dust or debris. Plus, don’t forget we always include full insurance with every shipping. So your unique or exotic vehicle has complete coverage during its trip.

Furthermore, if you need your vehicle picked up and shipped as soon as possible, we also provide Expedited Auto Shipping. With this option, you don’t have to wait to get assigned to a carrier. And, that way, you will get to enjoy your new collector’s item faster! If you’ve purchased your collectible vehicle from an auction, we offer special auction transport services to assist you. So, remember, like a car collector you have to fully trust the company you hire to do such a precise and delicate job. When it comes to Vehicle Shipping, don’t mess around.

Call us at (804) 396-2471 and one of our knowledgeable agents will help get you started with car transport services right away!