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Enclosed Auto Transport

enclosed auto transport

Enclosed Car Shipping is a premium service. This means it can be a bit pricey. However, this method of transport offers the most protection possible for your vehicle. When you decide to ship your auto with Enclosed Shipping, your vehicle is loaded inside a closed trailer.

That way, it will be protected during its trip. Being inside the trailer even protects your vehicle from outdoor elements, like snow or rain, and it also avoids exposure to road dust and debris. Inside the trailer can typically fit between 2 to 4 cars, although it really depends on the size.

During the trip, each vehicle is tightly secured by straps. That way the auto doesn’t move or roll around the closed container. On another note, these closed trailers can be either hard-sided or soft-sided. The choice is completely up to the customer. Usually, a hard-sided trailer protects the vehicle better against dust and sand. And, even though the trailers can be very different, they usually have a hydraulic lift. This mechanism works better and in a safer way than regular ramps. Also, it is essential to have, especially when loading low to ground vehicles, such as race cars.

The Enclosed Car Shipping method is very convenient if you own a vintage, exotic, or luxury vehicle. In general, this service is most ideal for all types of expensive cars or vehicles that need extra care. Although the price can be higher than that of a standard open carrier, it can come in handy when you don’t want to take any risks on your valuable vehicle! You can ship your vehicle anywhere in the United States and know it won’t be damaged when it arrives.

Enclosed Auto Shipping with Richmond Auto Transport

Richmond Auto Transport offers top-notch Enclosed Auto Shipping services. With our team of drivers and our professional customer service, we aim to make our client’s Vehicle Shipping experience easy and enjoyable. Besides, we offer very competitive prices, even in all of our premium services. After all, our reputation precedes us. We provide efficient and safe auto transport.

One of the most convenient services we offer is door-to-door shipping, which is our standard method and already included in your quote. With this service, our carriers will pick-up your vehicle right from your address and drop it off at the exact door of its new location. It’s that easy! But our convenient services don’t stop there. We also provide Expedited Car Shipping in case you are in a hurry and need your vehicle shipped as soon as possible.

Besides, we provide services for individuals and businesses. And any service is available in our Enclosed Shipping method. We can transport anything from your standard car to Military Equipment, and even a whole Corporate Relocation or College Move. Plus, we ship all sorts of vehicles, not just cars. We can take care of vans, buses, trailers, boats, motorcycles, and any other type of vehicle!

What’s more, with our Enclosed Transport services, you can choose between Soft-side or Hard-side trucks. With so many options to choose from, you can be sure to get the best type of service for your specific needs. And not only that but our trucks come equipped with hydraulic lifts so we handle your vehicle as gently as possible. Our team will treat your auto as if it were their own at all times during the shipping process.

So, if you own a luxury or an exotic vehicle, don’t take any chances. Trust Richmond Auto Transport to take care of such an important task. We will efficiently and safely make sure to get your vehicle to its new location at the best prices!

Contact us today by calling (804) 396-2471 and we will set you up with our premium Enclosed Auto Shipping services!