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Enclosed Hot Shot Shipping

Enclosed Hot Shot

Hot Shot Shipping services can come either in an Open Hot Shot vehicle or an Enclosed one. The latter offers additional protection for your vehicle by adding an extra layer of security to shelter your vehicle from outdoor elements and road debris. Hot Shot Shipping can also come in a single truck or dually truck, depending on the length of your route. A dually truck means that the vehicle has double rear wheels on both sides. This is ideal for transporting longer distances.

Also, if you decide to choose Enclosed Hot Shot Shipping, your vehicle will be protected at all times. Even though it is a slightly more expensive option, it is still ideal if you are shipping a special type of vehicle. It is usually recommended for luxury cars or exotic vehicles, such as sports cars or vintage collector pieces. Whatever your reason is for choosing Hot Shot Shipping, Richmond Auto Transport is here for you!

Hot Shot Enclosed Shipping with Richmond Auto Transport

Richmond Auto Transport offers both Open Hot Shot and Enclosed Hot Shot Transport. Our Hot Shot method of transport is our most preferred Enclosed Shipping service. It is ideal if you need to ship a luxury vehicle or an exotic car. With this option, our skilled team of drivers will load your vehicle into a private, single-car trailer for transport. This is the most luxurious single-car shipping service there is. Besides, it guarantees the maximum level of protection for your vehicle. It will be completely sheltered from elements like rain or hail, and also from any dust or debris that might be on the road.

Furthermore, our Hot Shot service is also available with Expedited Shipping, if you are in a hurry or need your vehicle shipped as soon as possible. Not only that but we always provide door-to-door services as a standard procedure. Richmond Auto Transport deeply cares about your convenience and strives to provide efficient, top-notch Vehicle Transport to our customers all throughout the 50 states. And we do it affordably, even if you choose one of our popular premium shipping services.

Contact us at Richmond Auto Transport to speak with one of our agents and start your Hot Shot shipping today! Reach them at (804) 396-2471