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College Move

College Move

Nowadays, more and more people move great distances from their hometowns to seek new opportunities and experiences. The first big move we often take is for college. Students choose to leave their cities or even states upon graduating from high school to attain higher education. They look for new opportunities by attending colleges or universities that are often far from their hometowns. Some move to a nearby city or state, but others might completely change regions or decide to try and build a life on the opposite coast. The USA offers a wide variety of opportunities and incredible schools to take the next step toward their futures.

So, when freshmen students move to a different place, they might look for ways to take their vehicles with them. Richmond Auto Transport helps hundreds of students relocate every year. The city of Richmond offers a wide variety of schooling options, such as the University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, or Virginia Union University among others.

Moving is Exhausting

Nonetheless, relocation expenses are no joke. Parents know very well the extreme costs of tuition in higher education. So, adding moving expenses always poses a financial difficulty. That is why Richmond Auto Transport offers special discounts for students. This way we are able to offset some of the extra costs related to your vehicle relocation. We also want to help students make their moving experience as easy and affordable as possible. So, even though other companies prohibit you from loading more than 100lbs of personal belongings inside the vehicle while it is being transported, we let students pack whatever they need for a minimal fee.

We strive to support students and their families through this transition so we only charge 5% of the prices a national shipping company, like FedEx, DHL or USPS would charge. Also, our student discount is applied on the very same day the reservation is made. Parents, your child’s vehicle transport needs are as important to you as they are to us!

Make Your College Move Easier with Richmond Auto Transport

Richmond Auto Transport is a well-respected leader in the Auto Shipping industry. We provide the highest quality auto shipping with the best customer service. That is why our clients know they can trust us and keep coming back to us. They know they can count on reliable and efficient service and well-trained, attentive staff.

One of the many outstanding services we offer is aimed at college moves. Tons of college students continually move to and from Richmond to attend one of the main universities in our city. Hence, we are always taking care of this type of move. We have become experts at it! Our team also provides door-to-door shipping services, which makes it all the more convenient. And not only that but we also offer different options from you to choose from. We have both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. While both services are absolutely safe and secure, the enclosed method does take the level of protection up and extra notch.

Furthermore, when it is time to move for college, Richmond Auto Transport can take care of any type of vehicle. We can ship motorcycles, trailers, vans, and even exotic vehicles, among many others. We can take care of anything with wheels! What’s more, if you decided to ship your car last minute, or if you need to have it transported as soon as possible we also provide Expedited Shipping services for your convenience. Besides, we can pick up and deliver your vehicles, anywhere across the US. No matter how remote!

In addition to students, we extend discounts to our service members. We enjoy finding the best deals for everyone in every situation.

Contact us at Richmond Auto Transport at (804) 396-2471 and we’ll set you up with our excellent college moving services!