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Government Employees

Government Employees

At Richmond Auto Transport we care that all vehicles get to where they need to be, and in a safe manner. That is why we also take care of many government-employees vehicles requiring transport.

Sometimes, when government employees get a new assignment, project or even job in a different city or state, they need to take their cars with them. But it might not be that easy. That is when they look for experts in the Auto Transport business, like us!

Richmond Auto Transport can effectively and successfully ship any kind of government vehicle anywhere in the country!

Frequently, it is the government itself that will pay for these moving services. However, there are times when the employee will have to pay up-front, then later be reimbursed by the employer. It is important to always make sure what applies to you when it comes to relocating expenses. Nonetheless, for us, government vehicles are a priority. And we ship all kinds of government-employee vehicles. Whether is it federal, state or local staff, we have it covered. Plus, we can also ship law enforcement vehicles anywhere!

Government Employment Shipping with Richmond Auto Transport

Do you need to ship your government employment vehicle? Richmond Auto Transport can transport your vehicle anywhere in the country. We offer a wide variety of shipping services for all kinds of vehicles to and from Richmond.

We are an established Vehicle Shipping company that has been in the business for many years. During this time, we have shipped thousands of government vehicles. And we are experts at it! We even handle military vehicles. Our passion and dedication have made us stand out. And we still care deeply about quality transport and high-standard services. Our team and carriers are living proof of that. Furthermore, we have invested in our customer service team and taught our live agents and representatives the urgency and importance of the services we deliver. That is why we always strive to shorten our response time and improve the customer experience through the shipping process.

Among the many services we provide, Expedited Shipping has proven to be the most popular one for government vehicle shipping. This premium service gets your government employment vehicles picked up faster. We also offer the options of Open or Enclosed Auto Shipping. Both are perfectly safe and include our standard door-to-door service. With this benefit, you get your vehicle picked up right from your door and delivered right to your new address. It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

Contact us today by calling (804) 396-2471 to solve all your questions and schedule your Government Employee Vehicle shipping!