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Military Equipment

Military Equipment

It is hard to find the right Vehicle Transport Company. There are so many different ones out there and they all claim to be the right option for your shipping needs. So, how do choose one? Richmond Auto Transport provides premier military equipment transport anywhere in the country.

One of the first things you have to take into consideration in choosing the right transportation option is if the company actually offers the kind of services you need. For example, not all companies can manage military equipment shipping. This kind of service requires a lot of expertise and the appropriate licenses and permits, which many companies don’t have.

Also, most of the companies that might offer military services are not truly ready or equipped for such a delicate job. You need to make sure that the transportation company you hire can properly handle the task. Military Equipment Transport is completely different from any other kind of Vehicle Shipping. It requires special tools and a whole other set of skills. After all, this type of heavy-duty equipment has to be treated in a different and more careful manner. Loading and unloading that kind of machinery is fragile and very hard to move, so you need a very detail-oriented crew to take care of that sort of job. There are also all kinds of restrictions when it comes to moving military equipment. For example, some military bases don’t allow civilians or non-military vehicles onto their premises.

Military Equipment Shipping with Richmond Auto Transport

At Richmond Auto Transport, our staff possesses the necessary abilities and required equipment to smoothly handle this kind of job. In fact, our carriers have received a thorough education on how to operate heavy-duty military vehicles and all sorts of military equipment. We are very aware of the detailed work that this kind of shipping entails. You can fully put your trust in us because we are familiar with all the military and marine bases throughout the country. So, transporting military equipment is not a problem for Richmond Auto Transport!

What we offer You!

Our crew will not only professionally pick up and drop off your fragile military equipment, but they will carefully deliver it right to your door. Our door-to-door service is the most convenient delivery option if you don’t want to have to worry about finding a pick-up location. So, unless specific base rules say otherwise, you can expect your equipment right at your destination. Besides, we offer this service everywhere in the country!

For us, convenience is very important. That is why we always offer a variety of options with all of our shipping services. We provide both Open and Enclosed Auto Shipping. And, although both are extremely secure, the Enclosed method can offer an extra layer of security from road debris or unpredictable weather. Enclosed has two degrees of security, either soft side or hard side. Of course, this also means it is a premium service and, hence, a bit more expensive. Nonetheless, our prices are very affordable and competitive no matter the option you choose.

Military equipment is extremely sensitive and a unique type of freight. We never charge any extra fees for our standard services. And what’s more, we guarantee that the cargo will get to its new destination perfectly safe. We even offer full insurance included in our prices. Plus, if you are in a hurry, we also offer Expedited Shipping services. That way, you will get the equipment picked up for transport as soon as possible!

Contact us today with your Military Equipment Shipping needs and one of our expert live agents will be glad to assist you! Reach us at (804) 396-2471.