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Chesapeake Auto Transport


Chesapeake occupies the southeast corner of Virginia. It boasts miles of Atlantic waterfront. Once divided as the city of South Norfolk and remnants of former Norfolk county, residents voted to consolidate into the city of Chesapeake in 1963. Today, its near quarter of a million citizens make it the third most populous city in the state. By landmass, it’s the second-largest in Virginia and 17th largest in the United States.

Chesapeake sports a variety of terrain beyond its urban centers. It hosts large swaths of protected farmland, forest, and wetlands, which includes a significant amount of the Great Dismal Swamp Nation Wildlife Refuge. Waterways and trails chart pathways for visitors and residents alike to take in the natural wonder surrounding Chesapeake.

Moving to Chesapeake? Richmond Auto Transport Can Help!

Moving involves a great deal of stress, but there’s one big responsibility we can take off your shoulders. Richmond Auto Transport offers a variety of car shipping options to take care of the biggest item in your possession. Instead of racking up miles on your odometer, paying for gas and lodging, a reliable auto transport company alleviates the stress of moving your car.

Richmond Auto Transport ships all types and sizes of vehicles. Our expertise extends beyond cars to trucks, boats, motorcycles, exotic vehicles, even trailers. We ship everything! Not to mention, our car shippers know how to work efficiently to ensure a reasonable timetable.

Though, for those on a tighter schedule, we provide expedited shipping. It schedules a quicker pick-up time to cut out the waiting time for the car carrier to arrive. Speaking of which, our carriers come either open or enclosed, depending on your wishes and your car’s needs.

We make the process as convenient as possible. Door-to-door comes standard, as does the friendly disposition of our staff ready to attend to your vehicle shipping needs.

Give us a call at (804) 396-2471 and our agents will get you started with a free quote!