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Porch Pirates Dressed as Amazon Employee Steals Packages

You are currently viewing Porch Pirates Dressed as Amazon Employee Steals Packages
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Porch Pirates Caught on Camera in Richmond, Virginia

Porch pirates also were known as package thieves are targeting unattended delivery items left outside of people’s home. There was a theft on camera in Richmond, Virginia. Who was the perpetrator? It is someone who was dressing like an Amazon delivery driver.

Porch Pirates Stole Packages on Cary Street Road

Three packages taken outside of a home on the 4500 block of Cary Street Road. They are taken from the front stop. The police say they are investigating it.

Surveillance Video Shows Package Thief

According to a time stamp on the surveillance video, there was a person that nonchalantly went up to a stone foot path. Therefore, not before 11 a.m., this person then went to drop off a package before taking three unattended boxes. Next, they cautiously walked away to an awaiting blue four-door sedan.

Boxes Placed on the Back Seat

It appears the person with the packages placed the boxes on a back seat. Then the person sat in the front passenger seat.

Moreover, the apparent thief had turned away from the house with their cargo. There a recognizable arrow is on the shoulder area of the person walking away. It was reportedly similar to those seen on Amazon delivery vans and driver uniforms.

Apparently, there was no van in sight. However, just an apparent getaway car.

“This is a shame. It’s happening more and more now,” said Andrew Breton who lives nearby.

“I find it disturbing as it’s happening to other people. Moreover, I also can only imagine there’s a lot of people in more stressful situations than usual. However, it’s natural because of the state of the economy now. Therefore, I’m also not surprised that people might be desperate to stealing packages,” he said.

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