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Pregnant Woman Had To Wait An Hour To Be Brought Into Ambulance

You are currently viewing Pregnant Woman Had To Wait An Hour To Be Brought Into Ambulance
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Recently, a pregnant mother in the area had been in danger as is when she crashed at an intersection of Richmond Highway and Bells Road, between Richmond and Petersburg. The woman, Latanya Thornton, has been hurt through a red-light run. There were also children in the car. When the local fire department tried their best to arrive quickly, they would also request an ambulance. According to the 37-week pregnant woman, Thornton remembers that the police arrived instead, ten minutes later, only to request an ambulance as well. A half hour later? Even Thornton’s mother showed to the scene. But still no ambulance.

This is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. The very reality of all this is that a pregnant woman was not assisted in a time of her need, her children’s needs and her unborn child’s need. There’s plenty of bonding to be done here but it still could present a concerning side of the medical industry. It’s one thing when the police or the fire department responds. But if you can’t get the medics out there first and foremost, then what is going on? I would say that the pregnant woman was totally side-swiped in this snafu. It’s a disparaging situation that hopefully won’t hurt the livelihood of the child on it’s own corner.

Apparently, a hurt, pregnant woman from a car crash didn’t suffice for an ambulance.

The pregnant woman started to broadcast the situation on Facebook Live. An ambulance was trying to be beckoned in from a nearby city. But Thornton was still not being assisted at the moment. More than an hour later would an actual ambulance arrive to the scene to take Thornton to the Hospital.

Priority 1 calls, apparently, are mainly made when to-be patients suffer from a life-threatening injury. It’s concerning because Advanced Life Support ambulances are 56% staffed and 58% during the night.

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