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State Jobs Are No Longer Requiring College Degree Requirements

You are currently viewing State Jobs Are No Longer Requiring College Degree Requirements
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Virginia isn’t asking applicants for around 90% of classified jobs to acquire college degrees or other preferences, now and until beyond July. With such a move, Virginia is in alliance with other states such as North Carolina and Maryland which could change the preference requirements for state positions. Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican, called the big move about how it was a “landmark change” for hw new hires from Virginia could be brought in to be a part of the state-government positions, as protected by the Virginia Personnel Act.

Virginia state agencies are advertising around 20,000 jobs per year.

With such a change—that would include undergraduates, and non-graduates of college—there is talk that this would definitely open up the hiring pool for all applicants.

To accommodate universal licensing recognition and credential process for people in the commonwealth would be a great advantage for all applicants.

By doing that, applicants would be able to apply no matter what their range of knowledge, experience or capabilities may be. As a result, all levels of employment are opened up to the individuals who really just have to have their desire to serve the people of Virginia, regardless of the proper college requirements.

I would say honestly that this is a good move for Virginia, because there are way too many people out there for not getting the amount they need in compensation for jobs they could easily do, but may not have been able to accomplish because they don’t quite have the college requirements. So when you match that disparity to that of having to survive on an income, that may be lesser or rather less than what they are worth, it creates a sense of sadness and despair that people applying for jobs in the state government do not deserve if they’re looking forward to working for the good of the people.

How can you expect someone to do their job right if they were discouraged by the general society for not having finished college? It’s preposterous to think that we are under a sort of slavery that is brought upon by people in power who don’t simply understand the struggle it takes to get to a place of stability. But if we are to fight it, then these type of laws are exactly what we need to be in support of in order to advance the greater good.

So watch out for people, companies, and even governments who don’t want to pay you what do you know you’re worth.

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