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Can I Send Personal Items with My Car When it’s Shipped?

You are currently viewing Can I Send Personal Items with My Car When it’s Shipped?
a lot of things can go wrong if you try to send personal items with your car
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Are you about to ship your car for a move? You may be tempted to load a few extra boxes into your trunk to reduce the number of things you have to move. After all, why not? The car is shipping to where the boxes need to go. What’s the worst that can happen, right? As it turns out, a lot of things can go wrong if you try to send personal items with your car while it’s on transport. While we’re on the subject, you may want to think twice about leaving some things in your car that live on the dashboard or the center console. When shipping your vehicle, it’s best to only ship your car and take everything else with you, and here’s why.

The first and most important thing is that weight is a huge concern when shipping a vehicle. If you add any extra weight to the transport trailer, that can lead to huge problems. The most obvious is that the more weight the truck has to tow, the more expensive the trip will cost. Gas isn’t cheap, and it takes more gas to tow a heavier item. Many drivers will quote your shipment knowing how heavy your car will be, and therefore how much gas they’ll need. Some personal items like a TV or furniture can add a ton of extra weight.

What if I pay more to send Personal Items?

Unfortunately, weight isn’t the only reason why it’s not a good idea to leave things in your car while they’re being shipped. Transport trailers are left alone at rest stops. This is a hotbed for auto thefts. If a thief sees something that interests them, they’re likely to break a window and grab what they want. This is also why many shippers request that you remove any radar detectors or plug-in technology from your car before you ship. Use the same common sense you would when you park your car on the street overnight. Remove any bags and don’t give a thief any reason to look twice. Remember, you ship at your own risk and personal items are not covered by the insurance.

Another reason it’s not a good idea to leave anything in your car during shipping is that it’s not a smooth ride. The trailer is going to bump and bounce a lot. Your car’s suspension can handle it, but anything loose may jump around in your car. This is why many auto transport companies request that you clean out your car. Even loose change can bounce up and find a window, which could lead to a cracked windshield. Another reason is that cars are inspected at all border crossings. Some things, like plants, food, and invasive species, are illegal to cross borders. If your car gets flagged, there could be a huge fine and delays to your shipment.

Clean Out your Car and Ship with Peace of Mind

When you ship your car, it’s best to only ship your car. It may be tempting to try to cram some things in the trunk, but believe us, it’s best to empty out everything from your car before you ship. The risk of theft, slowed border crossings, and added charges from weight are not really worth the risk. Make sure you tell your shipping company if you do have any aftermarket items that you just can’t remove. Any good shipping company can accommodate you if they know what it is before hand. Or they can walk you through the best steps to have it removed. If you need a good shipping company, Richmond Auto Transport is a fantastic option. With over sixteen years of experience, they can walk you through all the best things to do to help you ship all of your belongings.

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