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Tesla Previews Their Next Release

You are currently viewing Tesla Previews Their Next Release
Tesla's next model is expected to look like a smaller Model Y.
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This past Tuesday, Tesla held their annual shareholder meeting, in which CEO Elon Musk debuted a preview for their next release.

Musk unveiled that they currently have two new vehicles in the works, for which he is anticipating massive sales. Their current projections have the two combining for five million worldwide annual sales.

At Musk’s presentation, they displayed an image of the silhouette of one of the two new vehicles. The mysterious image appeared to have some similarities in appearance to their previous Model Y, only a bit smaller. Musk did not directly say what the vehicle is but did say, “ We are actually designing a new product. We are not sitting on our hands here.”

To further the mystery, Musk did not say when we can expect the new models on the market nor whom we can expect to manufacture them. Many are thinking the car will be built in Tesla’s latest factory build currently being done in Mexico.

As this was the shareholder meeting, Elon had to share their plan for reducing their manufacturing costs by 50%.

Musk also spent some time discussing the mega castings seen in their new vehicles. He compared this process to stamping toy cars, explaining that they use these ‘mega-casts’ to replace dozens of their essential parts. We can already see this technique used in some capacity in their Model Y, but expect to see the use more widespread in their Cybertrucks and the two mysterious, unnamed releases.

The last big announcement coming out of the presentation was the announcement that they are hoping to finally start production for their Tesla Roadster. First debuted in 2017, the Roadster has become a highly anticipated release from Tesla. He ended the presentation by saying, of the Roadster, “It will be a modest contributor to profitability, but it will be sick.”v

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