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ISUZU NPR 2020i Is The Model For The Everyday Truck Driver

You are currently viewing ISUZU NPR 2020i Is The Model For The Everyday Truck Driver
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From the N-Series, comes Isuzu and their promise to bring harmony to its customers. The best-seller f low cab forward trucks since 1986 is back with another hit. They promise to be “more than a chassis” and this latest entry seems to put the proof in our eyesight.

The New Isuzu has a 6.6-Liter V8 Gasoline Powertrain

It can go beyond what the emission standards ask for by generating more power and torque that the other gas engines need more gas to do. This is thanks to an aluminum head design that allows direct fuel injection and an air intake humidity sensor with variable valve timing. There are also new and improved fuel delivery systems. The cooling system is outrageous, with a higher compression ratio and fewer emissions, thankfully. There’s also an impressive 350 horsepower and 425-lb.-ft. of torque. This happens at 4500 rpms with the most silence that you may have ever heard from an Isuzu.

The low cab forward (LCF) design provides outstanding maneuverability and totally safe wheelbase, up to 20 feet in length. Just the forward visibility you get as a driver alone is phenomenal. There’s sixteen more feet of ground view than what you would usually achieve for traditional cabs. This both helps make the Isuzu easier to drive and safer to navigate obstacles with.

If Isuzu knows anything, it’s that they know how to build a truck that can work like a charm. The amazing thing about Isuzus is that they come loaded with all sorts of capabilities to enhance comfort, safety and convenience. They provide greater visibility than the conventional cab you might see and overall have a tighter turning diameter from curb-to-curb and wall-to-wall. These trucks are capable of so much and you can be too if you would just get one already!

If you want to have a powerful edge in life, you’ll want an Isuzu.

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