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Pïech GT EV Sportscar Showcases Mark Zero Prototype

You are currently viewing Pïech GT EV Sportscar Showcases Mark Zero Prototype
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Pïech comes from the lineage of Ferdinand Porsche. As well as the son of a Volkswagen CEO Ferdinand Pïech, who was the father of the Pïech founder, Anton “Toni” Pïech. The point is, he started the Pïech AUtomotive Company in Switzerland. Just now, they’re developing their first production car. And it is a shock. Because this vehicle will prove to be a real banger if it does indeed come into existence. The GT gives off a distinct look at how classic and graceful “grand touring” can be. And how else could it be for the Pïech auto family? The vehicle has a vintage-inspired exterior, with nostalgia up-front and efficiency on the backend.

However, let it be known that Pïech promises a lot. Between 80 percent to full charge, there’s a capacity of 75-kilowatt hours to generate in only less than 10 minutes.

The battery cell technology comes from a Chinese company named Destin. And they have maybe more of a remarkable promise than you can imagine, being that the GT will one day have it’s chance. A true opportunity to roll towards having a CCS2 fast-charger enabled.

With the vehicle incorporating the weight, there was a chance of it falling only short of four-thousand pounds in it’s current state. There’s also a zero-to-sixty-two miles-per-hour efficiency racking up to about three seconds, with a six-hundred-three in a total system output coming from three e-motors. The company looks to produce an SUV and even a 2+2. Pïech would pan out in a way that EVs would be able to incorporate a smarter outlook to satisfy the needs of a common customer. This is all for the greater good, it looks like and it certainly sounds as if Pïech knows what they’re doing in light of any sort of bump they may face along the way. And they will face bumps. Many bumps.

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