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Public Energy Authority Reboot Gets Support but Raises Concern

You are currently viewing Public Energy Authority Reboot Gets Support but Raises Concern
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Public Energy Authority Supporters who created its revamp entity see it as a way to keep fingers on the pulse of the Southeastern state’s coal and natural gas-fired power plants. Unfortunately, the opponents see it as an overreach. While the others are showing support but then are trying to restrain the authority’s full powers.

Public Energy Authority – Promoting Power Plants

Last weekend, Governor Jim Justice did announce the reactivation of the Virginia Public Energy Authority. Moreover, it was at the Virginia Coal Associations’ annual conference.

Defunct since at least 2012, the Authority entity, when the term of the last remaining public member expired is supposed to promote the state’s power plants were fueled by coal, natural gas, and other natural resources in national electricity markets.

Coal and Natural-Gas-Fired Power Plant

The authority is also empowering to finance, build, and even operate coal and natural gas-fired power plants. It can do this through financing power projects, purchasing or leasing electrical power or natural gas transmission projects, and issuing bonds to cover the costs of purchase or construction.

Appointment of Bill Rainey

Within days of the appointment of Billy Raney, Justice’s announcement about the Public Energy Authority came. Rainey is the former president of the West Virginia Coal Association. He is also the newest member of the three-member West Virginia Public Service Commission that replaces Brooks McCabe. Chris Hamilton is the current president of the West Virginia Coal Association. He is was one of four public members that are appointed to the Public Energy Authority.

“Thus, reactivating the West Virginia Public Energy Authority is great news and comes at just the perfect time,” Hamilton said in a statement. “The WVPEA can help stabilize our industrial, power generating, and carbon manufacturing assets as we research and deploy ground-breaking carbon capture technologies.”

Moreover, this announcement does come after news that the PSC approved a certificate of convenience and necessity. It is requesting by Appalachian Power and Wheeling Power for environmental improvements for the Mitchell Power Plant in Marshall County. As well as the John Amos Power Plant in Putnam County, and the Mountaineer Power Plant in Mason County.

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