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Social Services Resolves Southeast Emergency SNAP Benefits Delay

You are currently viewing Social Services Resolves Southeast Emergency SNAP Benefits Delay
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Social Services in a local Southeast department said the emergency allotments for its Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) really should be available to all eligible households as yesterday at 3 p.m.

Social Services – Identify, Resolve an Issue Delaying Payments

Just before noon, the update comes after VDSS confirmed they were working to identify and resolve an issue delaying payments for 370,000 households. That is for those who do receive the supplemental benefits on the 16th of the month.

Today the delay was the result of a technical issue. It was, in fact, based on the information we did receive. Thus, that issue has now been resolving. Finally, it should not impact any future issuances. On a follow-up email on Tuesday evening, Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) Public Affairs Director Cletisha Lovelace did say. “Moreover, we did have to apologize for the hindrance that was causing by this unforeseen delay.”

On November 16th, the agency did previously say these benefits would be automatically that is loading onto recipients’ Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards.

A SNAP recipient from a local county, Cristina Mullins, said she does expect the allotments to appear around midnight. On Tuesday morning, when she woke up, the money was not there. It forced her to put her shopping trip on hold.

Shopping for Thanksgiving and Soaring Inflation

Mullins has said she was waiting on $600 to stock up for a family of four. This is due to food costs that soared from inflation. Also, many on Facebook said, they did need the money to start shopping for Thanksgiving.

“Really, my grocery bill has doubled,” Mullins said. “Then, when it comes to feeding your family, it’s very frustrating when are told something is going to be there and, course of, it is not then there.”

The additional allotments occurred during the pandemic. In fact, it has raised the monthly benefits of the existing SNAP recipients to the maximum amount which was allowed based on household size.

The payments have made a big difference for Mullins who just started a new job. This happened when she was unemployed.

She did say she was very appreciative of the service and the help.

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