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Smaller Cars Get No Respect As Gas Prices Adjust For Larger Vehicles

You are currently viewing Smaller Cars Get No Respect As Gas Prices Adjust For Larger Vehicles
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Automakers are in a crisis. As it turns out, the pandemic has created more lasting damages upon the American car market than we could realize. Specifically, in that the supply chain’s current woes make it impossible to circumnavigate the chip shortage and the lack of new cars held in inventory.

And who’s at the butt of this sick, sick joke? The owners of smaller cars! How? Well, in a variety of ways.

To begin with, the economy class has no place in America today.

The market has people making money, sure. But it’s not by selling smaller cars. No, sadly enough, it comes in one form. A bigger and badder form. See, how dealerships see it, there’s no loss to give the public SUVs over sedans.

Because then it rationalizes having to spend six buck a gallon anyway. For example, this can be better justified for large cars since you’re looking to spend a boatload anyhow. Smaller cars? You’re losing money.

Because bigger cars outdo smaller cars in fuel efficiency!

Haven’t you noticed that already? It’s really quite simple. Smaller cars, though tiny and zippy are not as fuel efficient as bigger cars are. A Ford F-150 gets 25 mpg combined. A far cry from the 16 mpg back in 2008.

Look at a Honda Fit… That hatchback gets 30! In 2022!

Not to mention, people are more consumed with electric vehicles these days than the size of an economy vs. a crossover. So is there a real battle to win? Experts say no.

Take Jay Joseph, VP of marketing and consumer experience at American Honda Motor Company. He says that “We’re not seeing a true open market. If we had cars on the ground, I think we would see a temporary shift to passenger cars right now. But there is no supply of anything.”

It’s plain to see. Get a fuel-efficient pickup or pick up a Tesla. What’s the point otherwise?

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