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Starving Communities Receive Surplus of Sustenance Via Huge Donation

You are currently viewing Starving Communities Receive Surplus of Sustenance Via Huge Donation
Food Insecure Communities Not Longer Suffer
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Starving communities across Central Virginia, including Richmond, will have more food to eat thanks to Bank of America Richmond. They are donating $100,000 to Feed More Tuesday. It is in a mission of serving food insecure communities.

Donations and COVID-19 Booster Shots, Vaccines

The company has announced it would make a $100 donation to local hunger relief organizations. It was done earlier this year. Also for food banks for each employee in Richmond who did receive a COVID-19 booster shot or vaccine. Then went notified the bank before the end of January. Moreover, the bank did end up raising a total beyond $100,000.

More than 400,000 meals were provided to people in need. The bank said the donation is going to help Feed More with that. It would be across the 34 cities and counties they do serve. One out of every ten individuals in their service area is considered food insecure. It would be according to Feed More.

Starving Communities: Comunity Kitchen

Feed More’s on-site Community is which Richmond Bank of America employees are going to volunteer on Tuesday, February 8th. Also, the release has said the employees are going to package meals for homebound Meals on Wheels clients. It is a program that is helping to keep homebound seniors and disabled neighbors independent. Also stay in their own homes for as long as possibly can through providing fresh, diet-specific, made-from-scratch meals.

Starving Communities: Feed More and Volunteers

Always accepting volunteers is what Feed More is doing. It would be to help extend their impact and then help the neighbors in need. Thus if you are, in fact, interested in volunteering with Feed More, or if you are struggling with hunger, and need help, go visit the website for more information at

Comprehensive Program and Agency Network

Collecting, preparing, and distributing food is what Feed More does. It is to bring hunger relief to neighbors in need throughout Central Virginia. There are comprehensive programs and Agency Network that are dedicated to providing those who face hunger nourishment and hope.

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