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Holy Tesla! You Can Snag Five, Each For Under $30,000

You are currently viewing Holy Tesla! You Can Snag Five, Each For Under $30,000
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These Five Teslas are on the market and are looking hot. Currently, every Tesla here lists for under $30,000 US Dollars which is an insane amount of low pay one would have to make on the vehicles themselves. It’s incredible to see how affordable these are. And with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the end of the year finally approaching, RIGHT NOW might be the RIGHT TIME. If you want to have an affordable electric vehicle that does well, good for you. But if you want a TESLA? Come on, Man! Get yourself a Tesla! You deserve it. Here are the Five Teslas that are currently available on Craigslist.

$25,000 for a 2013 Tesla Model S P85+

The Model S has high-voltage battery power and a new motor. Yet, there’s no mention of the total mileage. The seller says the range is roughly 250 miles. Additionally, there’s a powertrain warranty.”

$25,900 for a 2013 Tesla Model S 85

107,730 is the count of the total miles on this Tesla. Could be a lot but if it’s in a good enough condition, it might as well go another 200,000 or more. Ask about the EV’s range as they should have a right to know so.

$26,400 for a 2016 Tesla Model S Performance Super Charger

“Of the Model S sedans in this brief list, this one is the newest. The ad says it has grandfathered complimentary supercharging, but the total miles are not listed.”

$28,995 for a 2013 Tesla Model S 60

Here, the total mileage is 54,824. Estimated range? 230. Not a bad start for a 2013. Give it the same care for another 200,000 miles, and it might get along well for at least two decades.

$29,940 for a 2014 Tesla Model S 85 4DR LIFTBACK

It’s above 60,000 miles, while it reads at a range of 265. No other gimmicks besides the VIN number and a link to snag a free CarFax report.

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