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University Might Pay $3.6 Billion for Law School Name Removal

You are currently viewing University Might Pay $3.6 Billion for Law School Name Removal
This University is changing names for their school.
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There is a lawyer that has been asking the University of Richmond to compensate his own family for beyond the $3 billion it takes in lieu of removing their name from the Law School. The lawyer is related to T. C. Williams. That man in particular had held a tobacco business open while also, unfortunately, owning 25 to 40 enslaved people. It changed from T. C. Williams Law School to University of Richmond School of Law. Yet, the university changed the name of the school only after the agony felt by students and faculty was heard.

The local lawyer, Robert C. Smith, is himself a descendent directly of Williams. And at the moment, actually, it would appear that Smith wants some payback. Currently, he is going about, asking the school to go ahead and pay his family back since the name change has occurred. Smith penned a letter to University of Richmond President Kevin F. Hallock and it had been published on Real Clear Markets, in an effort to dename the Law School. Therefore making it into something more digestible for the general public. Smith spoke about his family members being responsible to create much of Richmond and adding to the school. T. C. Williams Sr. had attended the University from 1846 to 1849, all while on the board.

The man, Williams, himself was able to give $10,000 in order to re-establish the Law School and the limits of his death in 1889 as the estate had contributed about $25,000 towards the Law School. The conservative estimate of such gifts would lead to the end of the War, therefore totaling out as a death that would exceed costs of $65,000.

Even now, years later, relatives are continuing to give away to the university, in the aftermath of T.C. William Senior’s death.

In the interim, T.C. Williams Junior attended the school and turned into a chairman of the executive committee had no compensation for whatever he tried. The doors of the private school had stayed open, turning into hundreds and thousands of dollars in donations.

Over the decades, it must have by now accumulated to just around $3.6 billion that the family has given over the course of time where it took for the university to build up towards it’s known glory.

Protests themselves have been active all over the country in recent years, while plenty of names of institutions about the county to change their concerns about their names. In addition, a multitude of Confederate statues had been publicly removed from spaces all over the United States. Around 2020, even a high school that was named after Confederate general Robert E. Lee, has been changed in name to John Lewis High School.

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