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Virginia’s Best Auto Museums

You are currently viewing Virginia’s Best Auto Museums
Virginia is home to some of the largest car collections in the country.
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If you are a car lover in Virginia, there are lots of great places that you have to visit. There are seven packed museums with all sorts of specialties and collections. If you truly are a car lover, we highly recommend planning a trip to all of these museums.

Virginia Museum of Transportation

Established in the late 1980s, this museum documents the history of transportation in the state. This museum houses all kinds of vehicles, not just cars, having exhibits of vintage trucks, buses, trains, trolleys, and even airplanes!

Keystone Antique Truck and Tractor Museum

This museum focuses more on farm vehicles, particularly tractors. With a collection going back to 1917, there are a wide variety of vintage tractors and trailers. However, they do also have large amounts of vintage cars, gas pumps, and other car-related items.

Bruce A. Elder Antique and Classic Automobiles

This museum has been around for more than a hundred years ago and has some of the oldest cars in any of these museums. The oldest model that they have on display here was made in the very early 1900s. This museum is a bit harder to get into now though. It is only open on weekdays for sales visits. Occasionally they will open their doors for groups of visitors, but appointments are still required.

The Wood Brothers Racing Museum

Glen Wood first raced at Morris Speedway in 1950, thus beginning the history of the museum. Wood went on to become one of the top 50 greatest NASCAR drivers and ultimately founded the Wood Brothers Racing company. The museum carries all of the historic and classic pieces of history of the Wood Brothers Racing company, from their cars to their trophies.

U.S. Army Transportation Museum

For any history buff, this is a great visit. Here you can see exhibits on all kinds of military transport vehicles. There are specific exhibitions that display vehicles from different wars, for example, one of their most popular is “The Transportation Officer Candidate School During the Vietnam Era 1966 to 1968.” This exhibit displays primarily helicopters from the Vietnam War.

Old Cranks Museum

This museum holds some of the oldest cars in the world. You can see anything from the 1906 Orient to 1919 Stanley Steamer cars. There are also displays of old bikes, carriages, car parts, and so much more.

Carriage Caravan Museum

Found in a small town in Virginia, this hidden gem is a must see! Here you can see over 2,000 different vehicles from carriages and buggies to ambulances and police cars. However, the appeal of this museum lies primarily in one specific display in which you can see the 1897 Mercedes Benz.

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