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Brian Stupski: Vehicle Concept Artist Designing Beyond His Time

You are currently viewing Brian Stupski: Vehicle Concept Artist Designing Beyond His Time
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A professional at illustration and design, Brian Stupski has been working in the industry for ages. He’s got a specialization in creating custom vehicle concepts for the automotive industry. Plenty of his work is to visually mod collectible cars for the aftermarket sector. Plenty of vehicles win accolades in the print industry. You can see his work all over these cool car designs.

Furthermore, you might be able to recognize some of his drawings.

All images on the linked site are copyright of Brian Stupski. The name of his art studio is called Problem Child Kustoms Studio.

Brian Stupski takes care of his studio like it’s supposedly a control center for custom car builders all around America. There has been quite a lot of his referential material. But his phone is incapable of stopping the ringing off the hook. He’s been able to crank out plenty of hot rods throughout the years.

Close friends would call Brian Stupski “Human Hollander Interchange” way back in high school. Meanwhile, he had an ability to part numbers from every make and model around. He’s been very reliable as Brian Stupski was raised to know cars in an out. Isn’t that something?

Brian Stupski attests that a 1969 Chevelle was his first car.

And it was soon to be undergoing a rebuild all at the age of 16. His parents were Tri-Five nuts. That’s to say that they heavily enjoyed Chevrolets from 1955 onwards.

Brian Stupski likes to attest his hard work being done to his working late into the night time to work on the next big build. A great designer usually has to be a better communicator. Additionally, Brian has an enjoyable enthusiasm. With his deep knowledge, there’s not much else he can’t do. In his eyes, Brian sees a lot of good. As he would say, “It’s never just one guy with a pencil, or another with a torch. It’s getting everyone to bring their ideas and skills to the table, and to decide where best to apply those skills and ideas.”

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