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The 3 Best Public Parks in the Richmond Area

You are currently viewing The 3 Best Public Parks in the Richmond Area
Enjoy the outdoors as the weather warms up!
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Richmond, and Virginia on the whole, is a great place to get out and enjoy the outdoors for a bit. The natural beauty of the region really shines through, both within the city limits themselves and beyond. Looking to get a break from city life and breathe some fresh air? Here are our favorite public parks in the area to spend some time under the sun!

In the city: Bryan Park

If you’re looking for public parks in the city with plenty of activity space, look no further. The entrance to the park through a large granite gate leads into a 262-acre park with tennis courts, soccer fields, and plenty of meadows to relax in. Its 17-acre Azalea Garden will be in its full spring glory soon, so make sure to plan a trip to see the beautiful foliage. The garden opens up to driving visitors starting Friday, so even if you only have a moment to spare, stop by and take in some glorious scenery!

Nearby: Pocahontas State Park

Nearby Chesterfield plays host to Pocahontas State Park, one of the region’s true gems. The nearly 8,000-acre park is home to Swift Creek Lake, a low-pressure spot for someone looking for a place to fish in peace. Over 90 miles of trails allow you to stroll through the park or go for a hike. Also, the park has campgrounds and camping cabins available year-round. And the park includes the Civilian Conservation Corps Museum for history-lovers to engage with the history of the state parks system. This park has something for everyone in your group!

Day trip: Newport News Park

Looking to get away for the day? Just an hour from Richmond, Newport News‘ 7,500+ acre park hosts campers, bikers, and more. The massive park extends all the way out to the Yorktown Battlefield and the Grafton Ponds Natural Area Preserve. Even if you don’t make it all the way out, though, there’s plenty of fun to be had. Whether you want to hike trails, stroll through a garden, or get a round of disc golf in, Newport News Park has you covered. And afterwards, you can enjoy the city itself! There’s lots of fun to be had at Newport News Park.

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