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Kroger Enforcing Limit On Shoppers

You are currently viewing Kroger Enforcing Limit On Shoppers
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Social distancing measures keep the public away from one another across the country, but certain necessities dictate some interaction. Grocery store trips continue regularly, but in irregular ways. In a move mirroring what many other grocery store chains implemented, Kroger plans to impose limits on how many people shop in a store at a time.

The chain operates 18 chains in the Richmond region. Now, each of those will halve their ordinary capacity. Ordinarily, grocery stores calculate capacity through square footage, 1 person per 60 square feet. Kroger plans to base new calculations on a 1 to 120 square feet ratio.

The senior vice president of operations at Kroger, Mary Ellen Adcock, said “Kroger’s introduction of customer capacity limits is one more way we are doing our part to flatten the curve while operating as an essential business.”

By limiting the number of shoppers allowed into the store, Kroger hopes to help fight the spread of coronavirus in its communities.

Kroger Joined by Other Large Retailers

Kroger isn’t the only store imposing strict social distancing measures across its locations. Other large chains, like Target and Walmart, also intend to impose limits on shoppers.

At Target, they also intend to base new occupancy maximums on the square footage of the store. Walmart offered more specifications in its plan to impose social distancing measures. The chain will allow per 1,000 square feet just 5 people. That slashes occupancy by 80 percent.

Other chains, like Trader Joe’s, rely on store management to comply with social distancing orders in their state.

Staff at these locations, once performing entry level work, now find themselves thrust to the front lines of a pandemic. While several chains offer hazard pay or bonuses, Kroger among them, workers continue to struggle protecting themselves for wages not straying far from minimum wage.

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