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Mini Cooper S Special Edition Takes On New American Identity

You are currently viewing Mini Cooper S Special Edition Takes On New American Identity
Mini will release American-Themed Cooper S models.
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Mini, itself, is well-revered for qualities only die-hard Mini fans know it for. And that’s the Union Jack. The flag is adorned on top of the car and waving around like it’s nobody’s business. And no one minds per se, but there has been talk of a revolution. Within the company. And I’m not signaling mutiny or anything nasty like that.

Mini wants to go ahead and make themselves into a likeable international brand. And that brand being international, especially in the United States, should commemorate that as a milestone. Especially when it’s been celebrating now about 20 years stateside. Mini has therefore released a special edition of the four-door hardtop 2023 Cooper S. And it might be the coolest looking red white and blue since Britain’s blue white and red.

The colors are all American Chic.

Mini has a 20 Years Edition available in Island Blue, Pepper White and Chili Red. Through the company, the color schemes was supposed to represent core elements from the U.K. and U.S. flags. This was true where the decals had essentially appealed to American side of things. The 20 Years Edition does away with the usual Union Jack logos for the silver roof and mirror caps.

Because of decals, the top had been covered with a red, white and blue stripe upon the driver’s side with the star stamped onto the passenger side. The Stars and Stripes theme had been along the side of the car and onto the back hatch.

Within the interior of the Mini 20 Years Edition logos, upon the steering wheel, had been plastered upon the Piano Black surfaces. The special edition takes on front seats, touchscreen navigation with Apple CarPlay capability strong in standard. With the new special editions, power figures haven’t been changed from standard Cooper S producing about 189 horsepower through the turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine.

There had been a 20 Years Edition through the production in July. All while Mini anticipates vehicles to arrive in dealerships later on. The Pricing for the special edition is to start off at $37,165.

For the 2003 North American Car of the Year Award. The general public and auto enthusiasts find the new MINI to resist. It starts smiles and curiosity everywhere you go to, while new owners are able to discover with how fun a Mini is able to be. Owners personalize Minis to the delight of all who care to buy.

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