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Businesses Support Truckers: Silver-Linings During Covid-19

You are currently viewing Businesses Support Truckers: Silver-Linings During Covid-19
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Businesses are stepping up and showing support for truckers. As the country peals back coronavirus restrictions, it also starts to eliminate aid. With drivers still working over-time to keep our country running, this can feel like an uncertain time for the trucking industry. The FMCSA recently extended its emergency relief through mid-July, but only for three of the previous ten categories it was protecting. Thankfully, others are stepping in to help ease the transition. Many companies are reaching out with additional donations and assistance.

Businesses Support Truckers: Four Companies Lend a Helping Hand

This past week, NASCAR, Uber Freights, PEAK BlueDEF. and the Tennessee Trucking Association have all rallied to provide support in their own ways. Check out the awesome programs and acts of kindness we’ve collected.

NASCAR Joins with Mack for Frontline Workers

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing is a household name these days. You probably know them as NASCAR. They host some of the biggest races in the country. On their way to a recent event on June 10, they made a little pitstop. A fleet of NASCAR haulers visited Mack Trucks’ headquarters in North Carolina to help with donated items. They picked up a load of gifts to deliver to the Sovah Health Hospital in Martinsville, right near where the race was held.

Tennessee Trucking Association Launches T-Shirt Campaign

The Tennessee Trucking Association (TTA) wants to wear their pride. They have created a t-shirt design, with all funds going to support Tennessee drivers. There are two separate shirts: one reads “I’m a Trucker. I am Essential.” The other reads “Thank a Trucker. They are essential.” You can purchase these shirts as tees, long sleeves, and tank tops and can even customize your color!

PEAK BlueDEF Makes Signs and Donations

PEAK BlueDEF started a social media initiative on June 8. Their goal is to make it easy for citizens to support truckers even if they can’t afford a monetary donation. For each “Thank a Trucker” sign made, posted, and tagged with the company’s account, PEAK BlueDEF will donate $5 to the Trucker Fund. And if arts and crafts isn’t your thing? For each comment on their original post, they’ll donate $1 up to $10k total.

Uber Freight Gifts Care Packages

Uber Freight has joined with FourKites, Smashmallow, and Howes, to provide care packages for truck drivers. These gifts include important PPE supplies, such as cleaning kits and masks. But once the packages were assembled, the company realized it takes a village. They also enlisted Meals for 18 Wheels, REAL Women in Trucking, the Truckers Emergency Assistance Responders, and to help distribute those packages. These care kits are available at truck stops across the country and number 10,000 in total.

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