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Most Expensive Yachts in the World: 3 Jaw-Dropping Designs

You are currently viewing Most Expensive Yachts in the World: 3 Jaw-Dropping Designs
Photo by Moshi Anahory
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The world’s most expensive yachts are downright unbelievable. There are yachts. And then there are superyachts. Of the 11 priciest yachts around, the cheapest cost roughly $150 million. These super sailboats include amazing amenities such as swimming pools, excessive guest cabins, helicopter pads, basketball courts, and concert halls.

3 Most Expensive Yachts

We’ve gathered some information on the three most exorbitant yachts out there. These yachts dock most commonly in the United States of America, off the Persian Gulf, and in Russia. They range in price from just under $600 million to just under $2 billion.

We know everyone’s getting a little restless having to spend so much time inside. Fire up your imagination and take a virtual vacation on one of these bad boys.

Rising Sun (USA)

David Geffen owns the Rising Sun. The American music mogul paid $590 million for this yacht and has owned it since 2010. Originally, he shared it with Larry Ellison but now it seems to be solely his. It’s 454 feet long, includes a basketball court, and can fit up to 18 guests. Geffen enjoys sailing with some pretty big names. He has entertained the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, Karlie Kloss, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mariah Carey in recent years.

Photo by Marques Hall

Azzam (Abu Dhabi)

It remains a mystery just who owns the Azzam. Rumor has it that this may belong to the royal family of Abu Dhabi. It is officially the largest superyacht in the world, measuring 591 feet in length. Azzam may have its own submarine missile defense system, which would make sense if the royal family does indeed sail on this ship. It cost $600 million.

Photo by
Gerd Fahrenhorst

Eclipse (Russia)

The Eclipse cost a whopping $1.9 billion. Businessman/politician Roman Abramovich received it back in 2010. This custom yacht features two helicopter pads and a disco hall. Yes, you read that right. A disco hall. Guests can enjoy two different swimming pools and a handful of hot tubs when they stay in one of the 24 cabins meant to accommodate them.

most expensive yachts
Photo by Moshi Anahory

It would be fun to sip some cocktails or sodas poolside on any one of these beauties. But we can’t say we envy whoever is paying for the maintenance on them!

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