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Nationwide Award for Overall Business Climate is Won by Virginia

You are currently viewing Nationwide Award for Overall Business Climate is Won by Virginia
Nationwide Award for Overall Business Climate is Won by Virginia
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Nationwide excellence award was given to Virginia for Overall Business Business climate. It was announcing by Governor Northam. This ranking does come in addition to a major ranking that Virginia is the best state for business.

Nationwide Excellence Award – Business-Friendly Environment

“I am really proud of the work our administration has done. That is to develop the strongest business-friendly environment in the nation,” said Governor Northam of Virginia. “During my term, we have, in fact, attracted more than $80 billion in economic investment, creating more than 100,000 jobs. That is a record for any Virginia governor. Therefore, Virginia has set a new standard for all other states. Also, companies do also want to invest here. Plus create jobs here because of our welcoming environment. Also, then committing to developing our workforce, and plus our existing infrastructure.”

Virginia is in Good Company with the U.S. Capitol

They also say Virginia is considering the best state for Overall Business Climate. Though it is due to its location being right next to U.S. Capitol, with its strong workforce, and more.

As the businesses do look to expand or relocate, the questions they do have about the communities are becoming, therefore, more complex. Moreover, they want to know as much as they can about a community before they make a final decision. We think this is going to help them make those informed choices. The commonwealth’s location is right next to another local region, combined with its pro-business work environment, strong workforce and educational systems, really make it a great place to do business in.”

Also, Virginia’s workforce does exceed 4.1 million people and the unemployment rate is, in fact, the tenth lowest in the country at 3.4 percent.

Virginia’s workforce programs, including the Virginia Talent Accelerator Program and Fast Forward Virginia, has also contributed to Virginia’s very high ranking.

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