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State to now receive 370K vaccine doses, instead of reported 480K

You are currently viewing State to now receive 370K vaccine doses, instead of reported 480K
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The state of Virginia will receive over 370,000 vaccine doses by the year’s end, instead of the 480,000, said by Virginia health officials.

A reduction in the expected vaccine total by the close of 2020 include all states. 370,650 doses are on schedule by the Commonwealth by December, The Virginia Department of Health is reporting.

Number of Doses of Vaccine Per State Seems to Vary

There seems to be a different number of doses for each state and actual totals. Though Pfizer has reported there are no issues with production.

A second dose by Pfizer is not held back according to officials. Moreover, a second vial for every initial vial shipped out is delaying by the manufacturer. Therefore, this is to assure what is the critical second shot of the vaccine.

State of Virginia’s Vaccination Timeline is Held Back

Virginia’s overall vaccination time will delay by two weeks due to the situation.

140,000 doeses of Moderna’s vaccine will go out to Virginia and potentially arrive by December 21. That is if it receives final approval by the FDA, according to Governor Ralph Northam.

Governor Ralph Northam is Doing His Part in the Fight Against COVID-19

Today, Governor Ralph Northam donated blood plasma. He went to Emerywood Red Cross Blood Donation Center in Richmond. He built up antibodies to the virus in his system. In late September, Northam and his wife battled COVID-19.

“I would encourage individuals, especially those who have had COVID-19, to really consider donating their plasma and their antibodies,” said Norham.

Extracting plasma from the blood takes close to an hour. You can go to Red Cross centers throughout the Virginia area. COVID-19 antibodies are in blood plasma. They can help treat the most critical patient presently fighting the Corona Virus.

Virginia Statistics on Corona Virus to Date

There are 3,295 new coronavirus cases and 45 new deaths this past Friday. The COVID-19 hospitalizations in the state of Virginia passed the 2,400 patient mark for the first time.

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