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Cadillac Lyriq: GM’s New EV Debuts

You are currently viewing Cadillac Lyriq: GM’s New EV Debuts
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The unveiling of the Cadillac Lyriq says a lot of things. The first is that GM isn’t bluffing on developing electric cars for each of its brands. The second is that it showcases what a luxury model EV can hold.

The EV race is off now that most major companies are putting an EV line-up into their 2021 models. Gm – one of the pioneers of electric cars, has been ready to debut new models.

With their focus pertaining to battery options and commercial vehicles. The umbrella of influence is widespread. With their announcement of the HUMMER EV, the company Cadillac is looking to make its name in the electric industry.

The Lyriq Combines Luxury And Energy Efficiency

The car combines energy efficiency with the luxury feel of a traditional Cadillac. The industry has its first look at a higher-end luxury electric vehicle.

“Everything from the Cadillac brand has to feel premium and elevated and I think this display is a big part of that,” said Scott Martin, a GM engineer in charge of digital displays.

The Cadillac will utilize the same battery for GM’s new line. The ability to produce a better battery is helping propel GM to its high-point in the EV race.

With Tesla completely out-selling the next top three competitors combined, it looks like GM might be able to prove itself.

GM has one of the largest line-ups for the US auto market. Their initial launches have proven to be able to hold their own in their own environment. With their focus on introducing a new line-up of electric cars, the debut for Cadillac is a big step.

The company looks to continue researching and developing better strategies. Their first launch looks to fit right into the luxury market. The Lyriq is going to be a hot-seller for the 2021 auto market.

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