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Cadillac Sets A New Standard With The Celestiq EV

You are currently viewing Cadillac Sets A New Standard With The Celestiq EV
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Cadillac is unveiling their most interesting move to show off their Celestiq concept car. The concept of the vehicle will preview a production-like model to Cadillac’s halo model in their mode of electric vehicles. Cadillac is laying high hopes on the Celestiq. This had been designed from the outset being that Cadillac is putting hope on moving forward from the Standard of the World slogan.

Cadillac is showing off the Celestiq as cleverly as they can.

Cadillac can’t possibly be stuck in the past of internal combustion engines. Certainly, it’s thanks to Cadillac that we see. General Motors states that they’re excited to invest about $81 million in order to retrofit low-volume assembly lines.

What else is exciting about Cadillac’s new EV?

It reveals itself as a thoroughly modern throwback.

The four-seat interior is spacious and quite grand, to say the least. Each of the seats is modeled after the famed Eames chairs of the 1950s, with decorative bent-wood backings that wrap around to the sides to create a streamlined appearance. Sprouting from the bent-wood panels on each of the front seats is a large entertainment display for the rear passengers.

A full-length center console runs the entirety of the Celestiq’s cabin, and a smaller display mounted between the two rear passengers provides similar access to the car’s infotainment and navigation systems that is afforded to front-seat occupants. The aforementioned cargo area is lined with matching red leather and features metal inlays embedded in the floor to keep cargo from marring the upholstery.

Materials have been painstakingly chosen here for maximum impact. Laetitia Lopez, lead color and trim designer for the Celestiq, explained that the bold red color was chosen for the show car’s interior for the theatrical effect that it creates when you open the door. Hand-brushed metal trim and wood panels along each of the doors have been perforated to allow LED backlighting to shine through. Those are just a few of the details that showcase the level of craftsmanship that Cadillac is putting into its new flagship.

Customers will be able to outfit their Celestiq any way they’d like, which the Cadillac team hopes will help foster a personal connection with both the car and the brand.

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