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Chevy Bolt Announces The Latest Battery Fix – Sufficient Or Deficient?

You are currently viewing Chevy Bolt Announces The Latest Battery Fix – Sufficient Or Deficient?
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The Chevy Bolt has been able to show off their LG Chem batteries in earlier years. But lately, they have very much been the wrong kind of “fire.” Chevy Bolt batteries have been burning profusely, much to the chagrin of Chevrolet. However, the Chevy Bolt gas been giving off full charge with unplugged potential. Which, however impressive, still limits the charge state to a mere 90%. This can therefore interfere with the wiring. Throughout 2020, examples of this faulty mess were exemplary to the point where General Motors had no choice but to issue a recall. Even the NHTSA isn’t totally convinced that these Chevy Bolt units are a good idea.

If you remember correctly, Chevy Bolt had recalls on several models. Including 2017, 2018 and 2018 Chevy Bolts. This was especially after five of these cars had suffered from battery fires. Would you believe it if I said time flies? The Chevy Bolt had its batteries made by the good people at LG Chem. Which by now has turned into LG Energy Solution. Whom is involved with General Motors immensely. Either company happens to be far along the manufacturing process. Hyundai and KIA themselves have already made mention to switch out the battery packs in over 85,000 vehicles. This campaign would have cost about $1 billion. Yet GM is deciding to choose their own path. General Motors thinks their engineers were able to solve the battery fire.

GM spokesman Dan Flores believes “rare manufacturing defect in certain battery modules in vehicles from these production years.” Such a defect like that could cause “a heat source or a short in a cell, which could propagate into a fire.” Chevy Bolts are going to be updating their software over the air. As the fix is built-in, these cars will charge 100%. Gas-powered vehicles shouldn’t be causing fires. Let alone batteries.

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