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University is Offering Free Tuition to Eligible Local Students

You are currently viewing University is Offering Free Tuition to Eligible Local Students
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A university in Richmond, Virginia, is saying local area students who qualify for the Pell Grant may be eligible to attend Virginia State University for free. The institution in Richmond said this initiative is part of the Virginia College Affordability Network (VCAN).

An Ode to College Life

How great is that! Higher education is so important. It’s essential to enrich one’s mind and world perspective. Meet new people on campus maybe? Hopefully, students can eventually do this and not do Zoom classes from home and walk around the campus. Meet with their professors or instructors also on campus. Go to the library. Sit on the lawn. In fact, eat in the cafeteria with their friends from other classes. There are so many interesting things to do on a college campus not to mention any art-related or theater activities.

Virginia State University Initiative

Moreover, this initiative provides access for roughly 300 Pell-eligible students annually who live within the proximity of the campus including (Chesterfield County, Colonial Heights, Dinwiddie County, Henrico County, Hopewell City, Petersburg City, Prince George County, and the City of Richmond).

However, students from Matoaca, Petersburg, and Colonial Heights high schools receive the most priority.

University of Virginia

Moreover, VSU isn’t the only Virginia institution of higher learning to participate in this type of initiative. Therefore, in 2018, the University of Virginia has said that in-state students from low-and medium-income families would be able to attend U.Va. tuition-free.

Dream of Access for Students

However, we will continue to hold close our role as Virginia’s Opportunity University at Virginia State University,” VSU President, Makola M. Abdullah said. In fact, this initiative targets and aligns with our Strategic Plan. Thereby, allowing us to directly impact students. Moreover, they dream of access to a quality four-year site of higher learning. However, they lack the financial resources to attend.

Moreover, to qualify, students must be Pell Grant eligible. In fact, they must meet the University admission requirements. In addition, to living within a 25-mile radius of the University. 

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